Veliferi modular phono module with Step-Up Transformer and Phase Equalizer


Introduced in 2023, the EQVES line has become a successful example of devices with which you can color your analog system.


Product Outline and Concept


The new Veliferi modular model has the opportunity to create your own palette that is right for you.


In the new device, we have combined all the EQVES parts in one housing with the ability to add your own functions.

As a basic feature, a demagnetization function and the ability to connect up to two sources have been added.


Veliferi is a completely modular design where you can choose the elements only you need.

Veliferi features


The custom-made metal cases equipped with highly efficient internal damping materials


Stainless-steel non-magnetic screws to minimize the influence of the magnetic distortion; thereby the clear sound has been realized


LC-OFC is used for the wiring material


High quality Neutrik Gold-plated RCA connectors


Different colors of front panel and switches.

What is the trick and in what situations can you use Veliferi?


First of all, these are two standard models:





1. Two inputs MC Step-Up transformer with Phase Equalizer


You are using your favorite phono stage, but it does not have an MC input (MM only phono stage).


Connect any MC cartridge to Veliferi; the MC Step-Up transformer you need will be inside with Demagnetization function.





2. Two inputs with MM Step-Up transformer with Phase Equalizer


If you have a turntable with built-in phono stage or separate phono stage and active speaker/power amplifier with its own level control, use the Veliferi as an input selector with optional special MM Step-Up transformer with 1:2 ratio.

Special models designed specifically for your personal audio system.


You have two tonearms and only one input in the phono stage, use Veliferi, if you do not need a Step-Up transformer,

select Pass mode and enjoy cartridge fine tuning using the Phase Equalizer.

You need the ability to select the load of the MC cartridge, we will install such a module

You just want to try our Phase Equalizer for MC and MM cartridges, yes, there is such a configuration!

And of course, you can choose the color of the front panel you need, from the basic black to pink!


Create the device you need based on a serial chassis and proven elements

with the possibility of further upgrades.

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