Fonolab is a leading provider of service, parts and accessories for some of the most exotic Japanese analog audio equipment.


We primarily provide service for SAEC, Micro Seiki, Ikeda and other selected special builds.

We also build special turntables for customers on a variety of platforms.


A new understanding of quality involves a combination of modern technology and reliability rather than transient fashion.

We are not just installers of parts. Inspired by 10 years of working with vintage techniques and pursuing an uncompromising home sound,

the fonolab team has come to understand the special synthesis of the old and the new and would like to share it with all the life-long music lovers, collectors and high end audio enthusiasts.


We are happy to help our customers achieve their dream of owning a world class modified turntables.


Please feel free to Contact Us for more information about our products and services.

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