SBMC Plinth



To create the perfect turntable you need to take into account three main points: engine, cabinet construction, and insulators. In our restomods we prefer to use motors with direct drive that have proven to be flawlessly reliable in broadcast studios. The high-precision rotation and absence of S/N ratio degradation were particularly attractive to us.


Some of the best motors, created with a large margin of safety and reliability, after a full restoration with adjustment of parts replacement, re-solder etc, including preliminary repair of defective parts.


We paid special attention to the choice of material and housing design.


The cabinet made of Sony's Bulk Molding Compound (BMC).


Long a fixture in Sony anti-resonant design, BMC is carefully formulated for high strength and high internal loss.


Like steel, it has the rigidity required for its structural purpose. But unlike steel, BMC steadfastly resists vibration and resonance.


BMC consists of calcium carbonate (a principal component of marble), glass fiber reinforcement and unsaturated polyester.


The insulator that supports the cabinet is a special silicon rubber that combines high vibration damping characteristics and long-term reliability.


Reinforcement with a cylindrical tube made of a microcell polymer absorbs vibrations in the horizontal direction.


These parts are contained in a zinc die-cast housing with high specific gravity, for isolation from external vibrations.


Get a completely original turntable made just to your taste and preferences.


The cabinet of the turntable can be painted in any color to order, the bases of the arm are made to order for any tonearm, you can install both a classic tonearm and a modern version.


Price from €755.00


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