fonolab SAEC WE-308 Models Lineup



Engineers always felt that the solution of tonearm turning portion bearing represents the tonearms technological limit, especially in the vertical direction, there was always no matter what some free-play occurring. The free play then caused loss of reproduction precision and tendency for turning to be vague. To solve this SME used knife edge technology but even with this solution vertical direction free play could occur too easily.


The SAECs remarkable approach toward the perfection of disc sound is crystallized in the SAEC WE-308's unique construction, the Double Knife Edge. This newer construction covers up disadvantages of conventional knife edge type tonearms. The Double Knife Edge provides the lowest friction and high sensitive movement of the tonearm ever achieved. Therefore, the SAEC WE-308 with any advanced current cartridge tracks the record grove with less distortion than ever and reproduces clear directionality, pinpoint placement of instruments and phenomenal cleanness of the disc sound.


So it compromised the tracking angle over the whole rest of the LP in order to minimize tracking angle error in the innermost grooves. As a result you get sound that perfectly presents significant dynamic changes with clear accurate stage.


You can choose a tonearm based on your musical and engineering preferences, based on the following lineup.

SAEC WE-308LSd (Long Steel direct)


Simple and elegant design of a long tonearm with steel tube and direct cartridge connection.


(For bearing construction, it is ideal to reach zero friction. The ball bearing solution decreases plain friction by changing it to rolling friction but it is not enough. It was necessary to come up with knife edge technology to achieve zero friction.)


Price from €1275.00


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SAEC WE-308LS (Long Steel)


Long tonearm with steel tube and classic SME bayonet for easy replacement of cartridges from your collection.


(The exquisiteness of the idea lies in using two edges in upper portion and two in lower portion - in total four knife edges - so the bearing portion is pressed and has no free play in horizontal or vertical direction)


Price from €1475.00


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Advanced design of the tonearm, which design is based upon research done by the Sansui Electric Co. The AES preprint 1390 (D-5) derived the optimum pivot position from a kinematic point of view, with the mass of the arm, the location of the center of gravity, and the moment of inertia around the system's center of gravity.

SAEC WE-308SXd (SX direct)


Model of short tonearm with aluminum tube and direct cartridge connection.


(Special high rigidity aluminum or stainless steel materials were used for tonearm tube and it was processed with high precision. In short, the tonearm reflects perfectionism and striving to eliminate any free play and make it so firm so that vibration or impact from the outside cannot affect it)


Price from €1150.00


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SAEC WE-308SXLSd (SX Long Steel direct)


Long tonearm with steel tube and direct cartridge connection


(To be able to place four knife edges in a linear fashion, they had to be polished to 0,02mm. First they were turned on a lathe machine to 0,5mm level, than an experienced craftsman finished the operation achieving the thickness of 0,02mm)


Price from €1580.00


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SAEC WE-308SXLS (SX Long Steel)


Long tonearm with steel tube and classic SME bayonet


(SAEC has further improved antiscating, the inside force canceller responds to the change in inside force which occurs due to changing position of stylus on the record surface. So the inside force canceling is optimal at all times. The mechanism is extremely simple, the cancelling force changes dynamically with the position angle of the tonearm. It is a display of flexible thinking)


Price from €1720.00


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