EQVES input load switched compact Step-Up Transformer


The EQVES is a compact model with an original Tamura transformer inside with a unique signature

that harks back to the Golden Age of Audio.

Product Outline and Concept


Inside a small black box is a super-permalloy core Tamura transformer which has both ultra-wide band and ultra-small distortion, merged with all our experience in the production of balanced transformers of the QVATTVOR series.

We have paid special attention to shielding and simplicity of design, while maintaining all the advantages of the original sound of Tamura transformers.

EQVES features


New fully metal housing with a triple shield to reduce the influence of S/N ratio due to external induction noise.


Non-magnetic stainless steel screws are used for assembly to ensure rigidity and reduce magnetic distortion.


Easy and convenient switching two types of input impedance using professional Neutrik connectors.



Input impedance: 0-3 / 40 Ohms

Output impedance: 4k Ohms

Frequency response: 10Hz to 100kHz (+-1.0dB)

Ratio: 1:36 / 1:10


Try our little black box that will give you the spirit of the Golden Age of Hi Fi and Audio!


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