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SAEC WE-308SXL - Silver Wired Long Tonearm

Studying further SAEC series tonearms and getting some interesting results, we returned to one of our customers request. His desire was to get the long version of the WE-308SX tonearm, for this we have used armtube from the model WE-308L, aligning it with the double knife edge assembly from the model WE-308SX.

This replacement allows to increase the effective length of the tonearm from 240mm to 270mm, while maintaining all the advantages of the WE-308SX model.

The bright identification mark of the new model WE-308SXL is a red logo on the sides.

In this tonearm we also replaced the wiring on a silver Van den Hul MCS-150M.

Take a note that we keep rubberized handle lock shell on our new long tube.
Considering many people like the sound of the original copper wiring, it may be kept in the new long armtube.
We do not plan to carry out serial WE-308SXL model producton, but you always have the opportunity to order this arm with the required changes up to your ideas. We are also ready to modernize your arm model WE-308L or WE-308SX.
Please contact us, we will answer any questions.