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The concept of vintage audio is going through a tremendous change.  A new understanding of quality involves a combination of modern technology and reliability rather than transient fashion.

In the audio industry, well-tested solutions that reflect an honest approach, designed in an environmental friendly background are welcomed by the industry.

We at the FonoLab Company are trying to translate the language of audio into the theme of peace and well balanced proportions, creating solutions out of time.  We use high-tech materials with a combination of established patterns.

Green Label is a keyword. The use of refurbished SAEC tonearms mechanisms can reduce the environmental burden, ensuring required quality.

Expensive, impeccably designed details, such as double knife edge assembly, add a handicraft value to the products. Internal wiring with Teflon insulation provides an incomparable quality of the signal corresponding to modern expectations.

Limited availability of original SAEC arrangements gives a series an exclusive character.



We present a unique series of tonearms SAEC. After refurbishment made by Fonolab company specialists, the tonearms are not only rebuilt but completely cleaned from the ground up and have new Matched Crystal Silver Van den Hul MCS-150M wiring including Cardas male 5 pin DIN plug. All parts are checked for acceptable tolerances; unacceptable parts are discarded and replaced with original SAEC parts. At the end tonearms are put to the final tuning test. Warranty 2 years.


The Double Knife Edge assemble is the distinguishing feature of SAEC tonearms. Rigidly fixed in one mechanical block is a 4 knife edge blade which has a diameter of less than 0.02mm and is ultra-precise. This fine precision sets SAEC apart from other producers. The edge is first grounded to 0.05mm by a machine and then to 0.02mm by a skilled human hand.

This newer construction covers up disadvantages of conventional knife edge type tonearms.

The Double Knife Edge provides the lowest friction level and highest sensitive movement of the tonearm ever achieved.


The automatic tracking pressure device gradual wand minutely increases stylus pressure as the arm approaches the inner grooves of the record. This prevents the stylus from “floating” within the innermost grooves and allows the cartridge to reproduce high frequency information accurately and without increasing distortion products or degrading stereo separation.


To assure absolute balance the Double Knife-Edge bearing assembly base plate is statically balanced. This procedure is particularly important since the complete tonearm rests and depends on the horizontal integrity of this base plate. When the lateral balance of the tonearm is adjusted with the lateral balance adjuster and as a result of the static balancing of the bearing assembly base plate, three axis are in perfect balance. Even if the turntable is not leveled correctly, the tonearm will function as if it was on a level.


Since all pivot tonearms track records in an arc, it is necessary to position stylus at a small distance from the spindle (overhang) so that the least amount of tracking error is present at all points of the record. Because of this overhang, a systematic unbalance is created past the midpoint of the arc. This unbalance causes the stylus to be forced inward on the inner grooves and increases the force as the stylus approaches the innermost grooves of the record. This inside force must be cancelled otherwise the stylus will exert under pressure on the inner wall of the groove causing increased wear and tear to the delicate record grooves as well as degrading inner groove reproduction.


The WE-308’s overhang has been set at just 5mm, considerably less than most tonearms and in combination with its accurate inside force canceller and automatic pressure condensation, guarantees virtually perfect tracking of even the most intricate innermost grooves.


The nominal tracking pressure is adjusted by the conventional movable counterweight method. However, because of the wide veneer threading of the counter through hole, an ease and accuracy of stylus pressure adjustment is accomplished. The stylus pressure is directly readable on the counterweight scale ring and therefore provides a level of accuracy available only with external scales.


Internal wiring of the limited edition is made of very flexible 7 strand Van den Hul MCS-150M silver wire. The MCS - 150 M consists of 7 individually insulated very pure Matched Crystal Silver strands each 80 micron in diameter including insulation. Being less susceptible to bending damage, its thinner extruded strands give this multistrand version even a better sound quality.  The sound character is extremely smooth with a lot of very fine detail. Typically a non metallic sound.


Ultra low resonance, 7,3g ultimate headshell incorporates a beryllium copper spring washer fitted onto its connector post and is compressed between the headshell and tone arm tube by twisting the locking ring. The compression of the beryllium copper spring washer exerts such strong frictional force between the headshell and tone arm tube that they are literally “one”, even though they are detachable. Headshell equipped with Oyaide HSR-AG 5N (99.999%) Silver Headshell Wires.


An oil hydraulic armlift is provided for the gentle lowering and rising of the tonearm. Particular attention has been paid to make sure that the stylus “sets down" in the desired groove as accurately as possible.


All our SAEC tonearms are equipped with installed mechanical equalizer which optimally filters low pass resonance. This helps accomplish a noteworthy characteristic which is, improving crosstalk by 20dB in fo.


For those needing more than a standard tonearm counterweight or more sophisticated SAEC headshells, a complete selection of optional parts are available to facilitate multiple cartridge and tonearm installations.

We infuse new blood into SAEC tonearms thus saving all advantages of their brilliant mechanisms.

List of limited models:

SAEC WE-308N Silver Wired Limited Edition (Nr. 03/10)
SAEC WE-308N Silver Wired Limited Edition (Nr. 04/10)
SAEC WE-308N Silver Wired Limited Edition (Nr. 05/10)
SAEC WE-308N Silver Wired Limited Edition (Nr. 06/10)
SAEC WE-308N Silver Wired Limited Edition (Nr. 07/10)
SAEC WE-308N Silver Wired Limited Edition (Nr. 08/10)
SAEC WE-308N Silver Wired Limited Edition (Nr. 09/10)
SAEC WE-308N Silver Wired Limited Edition (Nr. 10/10)